Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Bagless Upright Vacuum 3920

We have long-haired, shaggy dogs. A lanky teenager. The long-haired husband. You have understood this idea.

Four years ago I bought the Dyson DC24 with high hopes. Unfortunately, after the case of the rotator hub retained DENSITY from friction, when the brush was filled with hair (the brush unit had to be replaced three separate times, even if the product was lemon, Dyson’s support is excellent), I finally gave up and bought Rocket shark trick.

Roller brush is that one is stuck, despite the fact that I cut off her hair 4-5 times each time; fortunately, it was still within the warranty, and they replaced the entire (detachable) motor head unit. Nevertheless, this demonstrates how much we struggle with vacuum cleaners.

Although I prefer smaller, lighter units, they simply could not cope with the task. I saw this and decided to try Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Bagless. Just gave this first training, and a few thoughts after half an hour:

The photo below was immediately cut off after 20 minutes of intense use in a dirty corner with dog hair.

Summary. Obviously, I need to see how it is kept using, but in the first impressions it gets A+ for hair treatment, A for efficiency / suction filter, A- for weight / ergonomics (for its size and weight he does well) and B- for storing the instrument (theoretically, but the soft plastic case broke for the first use).


  • The roller bar is still clean. Yes, you understood me correctly. NO HAIR ON ALL, when I finished. This only justifies its purchase for me.
  • A crowded canister released most of its contents (and that was enough, and I can say that he collected it well!); several hair balls stuck around the cone, but they were easy enough to remove, and I did not have to remove the filter to get to them.

“The cleft tool is the best I’ve used.” It is small enough to actually penetrate inside and behind secluded corners and cracks, and it is rubberized (for example, a diaper for pets) so you can actually get your hair; Suction was STRONG. He also has light.

  • Suction is more than enough. I’m not sure what I need, so I can pick up a small animal with dust, and it’s okay. Bagless Upright Vacuum 3920 definitely becomes PLENTY (and the filter should be good, since it did not cause my allergy or did not start to stink).
  • Switching from a hose> The brush is very simple and made through a wheel on the base. In fact, it feels like a solid, not a brittle plastic switch that has some devices for this function.
  • The brush can be switched off / on by means of a toggle switch on the handle; easy to reach, therefore easy to use.

Bissell Pet Hair


Is the full size in an upright position. Although this is not a huge full-size model, see My comments above, preferring smaller units. HOWEVER, I’m ready to give in to defeat. It easily turns and moves easily; it is also quite quiet, which is nice.

  • No headlights on the main unit. Not a robber, but I found that this is a feature that I really like in Shark, and I’m sorry that it’s not on this device.
  • Holds two accessories” thing is useless. Soft plastic broke when first used. The one-sided thing with which it is delivered is more stable. I can ask another as a spare part, but for me it’s not so important. The splitting tool is the only one that I really need on board, as others are special tools that can live in a closet.
  • A flexible hose does not give as much reach as a stable stick. There is also a short stick, but it is definitely shorter than some models. IF you use it with a hose, fully extend the hose to the end, otherwise you risk pulling the device out.
  • The soft brush (which is stored on the stick itself) is good, but the way it is attached to the stick is a little uncomfortable. Not a robber, but they can do better for the next model. It’s great that he has rubber lining on one side to get hair, and soft bristles on the other, which are good for dust.

“Bissell Pet Hair Eraser Bagless Upright Vacuum 3920 better on the carpet than hardwoods, although I think it’s true for most full-sized stalls.” It is useful to be able to easily rotate the roller on the switch, thereby facilitating the transition from one to the other, even if you do not want to adjust the height of the brush.


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